Of Titans & Trailblazers: Emerging Asia’s Digital Finance & Commerce Moment
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Mondato Summit Asia is an executive thought leadership conference that delivers indispensable knowledge, practical solutions, stimulating engagement, and invaluable networking. Sitting at the crossroads of a diverse set of industries – from tech to financial services, telecom to retail, Mondato Summits occupy a unique space, creating a space for stakeholders to better understand and engage the multifaceted and evolving digital finance and commerce (DFC) ecosystem.

Throughout Southeast and South Asia, companies are taking advantage of extraordinary mobile and smartphone penetration, which has led to proliferation of social media and e- and m-commerce. New digital channels have provided a conduit for delivering more advanced DFC services on the one hand, while also providing an entry point for un/underserved populations.

As industry giants establish regional dominance, and swelling numbers of fintech and eCommerce companies enter the DFC space, a consolidation of players has forced a “tipping point” across Emerging Asia. Incumbents are seeking out and experimenting with new technologies and/or partnerships to keep up with the region’s tech-savvy digital natives. In order to remain relevant in this fiercely competitive market, a digital approach must be taken to develop targeted value propositions that respond to consumer needs.

Our host market, Myanmar, is expected to have the one of the highest rates of smartphone adoption in Asia over the next few years. Coupled with its competitive telecom market and progressive regulation, Myanmar is a fertile breeding ground for digital financial services in the region, and has attracted much attention and investment in recent years.

Mondato Summit Asia will explore how both incumbents and innovators alike can navigate the highly complex DFC ecosystem across Emerging Asia’s variegated markets. Some topics which will be explored in depth include: leveraging mountains of data to better understand customer needs and wants, and tailor winning products and services, engineering compelling value propositions to drive greater adoption and usage, making sense of the latest technologies and innovations – from AI and gamification to blockchain and crypto currencies – and more importantly, understanding the practical applications.

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