Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies
By chica

The steady integration of new technologies (e.g. cloud computing, social media, mobile technology) into the everyday lives of people, businesses and governments is helping to open up governments and giving rise to new forms of public engagement and relationships that transcend public, private and social spheres. This new digital environment offers opportunities for more collaborative and participatory relationships that allow relevant stakeholders (i.e. citizens, business and non-governmental organisations), to actively shape political priorities, collaborate in the design of public services and participate in their delivery to provide more coherent and integrated solutions to complex challenges. Digitally enabled participation and production of services is changing people’s expectations about their relationships with governments. As a result, new public governance approaches are needed to support a shift from governments anticipating citizens’ and business’s needs (citizen-centric approaches) to citizens and businesses determining their own needs and addressing them in partnership with governments (citizen-driven approaches).

Published On
July 15, 2014
OECD Council
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OECD Council