Digital Resilience: Empowering Youth Online – Phase 1: Asia Pacific (APAC)
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The following multinational research explores the role of digital resilience (the ability to prevent and respond to online risk1) in providing children with the skills and characteristics needed to navigate the internet safely. Analysing the ndings from children aged 9-18 in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan; it investigates the ways in which young people can be encouraged to be resilient users.

In this context, resilience encompasses a set of skills and attitudes allowing a young person to avoid and adapt to risky situations faced online. These range from being able to avoid risk through online awareness and prevention, the ability to be unfazed by risk, and the competence in using strategies to respond to risk. These strategies include ignoring the risk, communicating the risk or using proactive digital skills to resolve the risk (deleting, blocking or reporting the person/problem).

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March 1, 2016
Michele Rimini, Charles Howard, and Alexis Ghersengorin
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