COMPARATIVE STUDY: How United Nations Innovation Network Members Approach Innovation
By chica

This report is part of the ‘Formative Evaluation of the Innovation Initiative in UNFPA’.1 The motivations for the evaluation included critically reflecting on lessons learned from the promotion of innovation since the 2014 creation of the UNFPA Innovation Fund, providing inputs for the next UNFPA Strategic Plan (2018–2021) and UNFPA strategies in the area of innovation, and improving the design, processes and systems of the Innovation Initiative.


The evaluation’s purpose was to conduct an evidence-based, highly consultative and participative formative evaluation of the Innovation Initiative at UNFPA, including a mid-term evaluation of the Innovation Fund. To ensure independence, the Secretariat of the Innovation Fund entrusted evaluation management to the UNFPA Independent Evaluation Office. The Evaluation Office recruited a team of two external specialists to conduct the exercise.

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July 1, 2017
United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA)
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United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA)