Startup Spotlight
March 10, 2018

Sahib Anandsongvit had a problem: his family, who ran a boutique hotel business in Bangkok, constantly needed to find skilled workers to repair rooms, clean facilities, or perform other services on short notice. Traditionally, Thai small business owners looking for service providers have relied on word of mouth, or flyers pinned to trees and telephone poles around the city. But how can one be sure that the provider is trustworthy, and how can they be found quickly for emergency repairs? To address this problem, Sahib co-founded a new company called Seekster. Unlike a traditional business in this space, which might hire... more »

March 9, 2018

Here at POPSDev, we have been blogging recently about the ingredients that provide a strong foundation for creating, growing and sustaining online platforms for development. The recent Indonesia Australia Digital Forum 2018 produced buzz about one critical ingredient: Indonesia’s fast growing innovation ecosystem. But is this speed of growth alone a cause for celebration, or is it also exposing a missing middle? Our research has indicated three implications. Firstly, the ecosystem’s maturity is haphazard. Products and solutions are rushed to full-scale implementation straight after prototyping, eluding the critical ‘middle’ development stage. Secondly, innovation actors tend to be siloed in their... more »