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How Technology Supports Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Posted By On April 24, 2018

The tech industry has been growing rapidly around the world, bolstering global economic growth – and Asia is no exception. Tech start-ups have fueled the economic engine in Southeast Asia, managing to secure massive investments. Singapore’s Lazada and Indonesia’s Tokopedia are cases in point. Moreover, China’s tech sector is growing, with Chinese ICT firms naturalising technological innovation once dominated by the United States and using it as a source of strength to expand Chinese firms’ grip in the global market. Regardless of the politics, competition in the tech sector is healthy. There is now more public demand for trained and skilled tech employees.

Despite the growing demand for such employees, women are often left out of opportunities or marginalized should they get one. The tech industry remains a male-dominated sector with women holding only 26 percent of all tech jobs. This is compounded by a gender pay gap and discriminative acts at the workplace as well as a lack of female mentors in the field, creating significant barriers for women to take—let alone succeed in—this career path.

TechRepublic reviewed 10 online platforms that are tackling these challenges and are specifically developed to support women in tech and women entrepreneurs.  

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