Andrew Thornley

Mix persistent global income inequality with rapid technological innovation and you have the key ingredients driving inclusive innovation – innovations in products, processes and product delivery systems that address the needs and improve the welfare... more »

Julie-ann Lambourne applied learning from her life as a Torres Strait Islander and the social value of assisting people to co-found enVizion, which combines cutting edge technology with intensive support and training to help people... more »

Alexandra Golovanow wanted to combine business and social impact. She sees HelperChoice, an online platform connecting employers and helpers, as a perfect match as it contributes to the fight against modern slavery while achieving high business... more »

Development partners, which include international donor and non-profit organizations, UN agencies and national civil society organizations, are increasingly active in innovating with technology. With the focus most often on designing, piloting and implementing online platforms... more »

While the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders meeting will be held in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in November this year, Trade Ministers from the region have been meeting in PNG this weekend to work... more »

The interplay between technological development and jobs has been a preoccupation of late for the world’s preeminent international bodies. The Asian Development Bank (ADB), four regional multilateral development institutions, including the ADB and the Inter-American... more »

Last week, prominent policy think tank the Indonesian Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) discussed recent research conducted with the Asia Internet Coalition that highlighted the astonishing growth of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, such as... more »

Online platforms already facilitate legal processes—such as this example from Singapore—and help people to locate legal services and information about justice processes and options. Impressive steps to digitize judicial systems have been taken in countries... more »

Regulating evolving technologies is a delicate balancing act. Too much regulation can stifle innovation and deter investment. On the other hand, too little regulation can create uncertainties, arbitrary enforcement and—once again—stifle innovation and deter investment.... more »

Diastika Rahwidiati is Deputy Head of Office for Pulse Lab Jakarta and on the POPS Advisory Council. She is passionate about civic innovation, and especially interested in the thinkers, doers and fixers that create positive... more »