About Us

The Partnership for Online Platforms and Sustainable Development (POPS) aims to establish an Asia-wide network led by regional experts and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to highlighting the importance of platform entrepreneurship and startup culture to achieving sustainable development goals in Asia. POPS will promote new dialogue and collaboration among the region’s development professionals, platform entrepreneurs, and policy makers to:

  • examine ways that online platforms can be leveraged to drive inclusive growth and sustainable development;
  • share knowledge, research findings, and learning on the impact of online platforms on the region’s development;
  • encourage policies that promote online platform entrepreneurship in Asia.

The Blog features articles and content on a wide range of issues and offers information on the role that Asia’s online platforms can play in helping communities achieve sustainable development goals.

POPS’ network spans the public, private, and NGO sectors with participation from prominent technology companies, government, academia, civil society, and key intergovernmental organization. We enable the sharing of knowledge and information on the positive social and economic impact of online platforms, and support collaboration on new, digital-driven solutions for economic empowerment, digital citizenship, education and inclusive growth across the Asia-Pacific.

Not sure where to start? Check out these pages first:

  • The Briefing Room archives reports, white papers, and other documents that address the relationship between online platforms and sustainable development.
  • The Blog is where we post short articles written by the project’s staff, as well as the occasional opinion piece or guest post by members of our network.
  • The Calendar shows a running list of events that our readers might find interesting.

If you have other questions or just want to say hello, you can also contact us anytime.